It is clear that certain industries present more risks to employees than others. However, this does not prevent residents in Connecticut from working in these industries. In most cases, the risk of injury or illness is apparent, causing employers and even federal agencies to step in and implement health and safety regulations and initiatives. While these steps might improve the safety within these industries, unfortunately, some workers still fall victim to workplace accidents.

Going to a job is more than just a routine way to make money. For some individuals, it is a way to live out his or her interests and strengths while making a steady income. In some cases, that might mean being a construction worker, firefighter, truck driver or any other job that tends to put a worker at a high risk of being involved in a workplace accident.

Nonetheless, when an employee suffers a workplace injury, this often means taking time off from work. In other words, this means taking time off from work to heal. Depending on the injury, a worker could require various treatments, rehabilitation and even surgery. This could become costly, causing the worker to panic about paying for the medical bills and being able to return to work.

At the Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz, our legal team is dedicated to helping injured workers protect their rights after being injured on the job. We help injured workers explore their options, gaining complete and full information about workers’ compensation benefits. Our law firm has helped past clients obtain these benefits after suffering work injuries such as back injuries caused by heavy lifting, sprains, strains and fractures, burn injuries, repetitive stress injuries, injuries caused by falls, car or truck accidents on the job, assaults by co-workers and other similar injuries.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s workplace accident website. A workplace injury could lead to medical bills piling up and the concern of lost wages. Workers’ compensation benefits could be the source to help offset these damages and concerns.