Workplace illnesses come in a variety of forms. A shipyard worker may be exposed to asbestos and develop an asbestos-related illness. A police officer may develop depression after encountering many violent and serious situations on the job. Some illnesses may be unexpected, such as the delivery driver who developed post-traumatic stress disorder following a change in management at his job, as this blog reported in a previous post. Regardless of the type of illness a worker develops, all are serious situations that will require medical attention and can lead to medical expenses.

A Connecticut worker who has suffered a workplace illness, regardless of the type, may need to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits can help a worker pay for his or her medical expenses. Additionally, they may compensate for lost wages when a worker misses time away from work to recuperate and rehabilitate.

In order to obtain workers’ compensation benefits, it is essential to have skilled legal counsel to guide ailing Connecticut workers through the application and appeals process. Wesley Malowitz is adept at handling all manner of workers’ compensation cases for injured workers. From cases of mental illness to work-related cancers, Mr. Malowitz will assist Connecticut residents in obtaining the help they need in the form of workers’ compensation benefits. Mr. Malowitz will advocate for his clients in the face of insurance companies that may contend an injury happened outside of work or that challenge a doctor’s diagnosis of disability. He will ensure that a client’s medical condition is thoroughly and properly documented so that a client may obtain much-needed benefits.

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