When a Connecticut worker is injured on the job, he or she may have many questions. When will I be able to return to work? Will my job still be open when I am ready to return to work? How will I pay for my medical bills? How will I support my family while I am out of work? A workplace accident can be upsetting for many reasons, and these questions are common ones that Connecticut workers face.

Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits are available to help workers who have been injured on the job. Many workers may wonder if their specific injury, particularly if it is one that involved travel, as this blog discussed in a previous post, will qualify them for workers’ compensation benefits. When an injured worker has questions about workers’ compensation benefits, he or she may benefit from legal counsel. The Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz helps Connecticut workers who are suffering from workplace injuries obtain the benefits to which they are entitled.

Our legal team is well-versed in the process a worker must pursue in order to obtain benefits. We can answer workers’ questions along the way and provide much-needed guidance and counsel. Employers or insurance companies may not always have an injured worker’s best interest in mind, but our firm does. We will fight in hopes that a worker receives the help he or she not only needs, but deserves, following a devastating workplace injury.

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