In Connecticut, workers who are injured on the job are eligible for a number of workers’ compensation benefits. These benefits include certain monetary benefits and medical treatment. Sometimes, however, these benefits may not cover all of a worker’s needs following an on-the-job injury. Fortunately, there are additional workers’ compensation benefits available under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

One benefit that may ease the minds of many injured Connecticut workers is that employers may not discharge or discriminate against a worker who exercises his or her rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act. The Workers’ Compensation Commission may impose civil penalties against an employer who tries to discharge or discriminate against a worker illegally, in addition to rectifying the effects of an employer’s actions, whether through job reinstatement, payment of lost wages, or other methods.

A worker who cannot return to his or her former type of work due to a permanent and significant physical impairment may be eligible to receive vocational rehabilitation, paid for by the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Rehabilitation Services. This can be a significant step towards reclaiming one’s life and getting back to work.

Injured workers are also eligible for assistance with necessary artificial aids. For example, a worker may receive repair to or replacement of his or her hearing aids, artificial teeth, eyeglasses, or contact lenses if such artificial aid was damaged in conjunction with a face or head injury. Furthermore, employers must pay for repairs to artificial arms, hands, legs, or feet if these aids were damaged during a worker’s employment.

The benefits that are available to injured Connecticut workers will depend on the nature of a worker’s injuries and the accompanying circumstances. An attorney may be able to provide additional guidance about available benefits and how best to seek them out.

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