A Connecticut worker who has been injured on the job, or who is suffering from an ongoing work-related occupational disease, may have some hesitation about filing for workers’ compensation benefits. This hesitation could arise because of uncertainty about what benefits might be available or due to a lack of information about how to go about filing a workers’ compensation claim.

It is important for a worker not to wait too long to file a claim, however, as there are statute of limitations requirements that affect workers’ compensation claims. The State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission recommends that workers file 30C Claim Forms regarding workplace injuries or diagnoses of occupational diseases as soon as possible after an injury or diagnosis occurs. While it may be wise to file promptly, a worker does have some leeway in how quickly he or she must file a claim. The statute of limitations to file a workers’ compensation claim for injuries is within one year of the date of an injury. When a worker chooses to file a workers’ compensation claim for an occupational disease, he or she must file a claim within three years from the date of the first manifestation of a symptom of the disease.

Filing a 30C Claim Form ensures that an employer knows that a worker is claiming he or she has an occupational disease or work-related injury. It is important to note that 30C Claim Forms are not the same as accident reports that are filed with employers. A 30C Claim Form must be filed with the Workers’ Compensation Commission District Office in the jurisdiction where a worker was injured or became ill, as well as with a worker’s employer.

It is crucial for Connecticut workers to be aware of statute of limitations restrictions, as they can affect workers’ claims for benefits. A worker who has been injured on the job or who is suffering from an occupational disease may wish to promptly consult with an attorney to ensure that he or she files the required forms to claim benefits within the proper time frame.

Source: State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission, “How do I claim my workers’ compensation benefits?” accessed Feb. 26, 2016