Unfortunately, many times Connecticut construction workers have limited control over their working environments. As this blog reported in a previous post, one Connecticut employer was putting its employees in dangerous situations on the job due to its failure to follow required OSHA safety standards. The working environment not only resulted in the imposition of substantial fines, but also the potential for major construction site accidents for the company’s workers.

A worker who has been injured on a jobsite, whether because of an inherently dangerous working environment or due to an accident, has the potential to recover workers’ compensation benefits to help them deal with their financial losses. This is critical, as construction site injuries can occur in any number of ways. From a concussion due to a falling object, burns from an explosion, or exposure to toxic substances, there are many ways in which Connecticut construction workers may become injured on the job and find themselves facing medical bills and lost wages.

Wesley Malowitz is familiar with these types of jobsite injury accidents and represents clients pursuing workers’ compensation benefits for their injuries. Unfortunately, obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated and may create additional stress for a worker who is already dealing with the stresses that accompany an injury and being out of work.

Mr. Malowitz seeks to make the process of applying for benefits as simple as possible and will guide workers through the necessary steps, aggressively representing their interests throughout the process. The assistance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can be invaluable as a worker seeks to obtain necessary benefits. For additional information about how Mr. Malowitz can assist Connecticut workers, please visit the following webpage.