Connecticut workers contract illnesses every day. Whether a person learns he has cancer or comes down with a bout of the flu, an illness will affect a worker’s life and ability to perform his or her job. Sometimes workers can contract illnesses due to the very nature of their workplace. Perhaps a worker contracts an asbestos-related illness or becomes poisoned due to toxic exposure in the workplace, as this blog reported in a previous post.

In addition to the serious medical consequences that such an occupational disease can have on a person’s life, a worker will likely be unable to work for a period of time. Without a regular paycheck, an individual may need the assistance that workers’ compensation benefits can provide. Fortunately, Wesley Malowitz is experienced at helping workers who are dealing with the repercussions of an illness obtain benefits.

Our firm is well-versed in assisting those workers who are experiencing ailments associated with exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace, as well as those workers who might be experiencing allergic reactions to products in the workplace. We recognize that sometimes a workplace illness might arise in a less traditional fashion, such as when someone is suffering from depression or mental illness that stems from the nature of their job.

Our legal team know that there are many ways a worker might become ill from his or her workplace. We aggressively pursue workers’ compensation benefits for any worker who is suffering from a workplace illness to help the victim cover medical expenses and get back on his or her feet. For additional information about how our firm helps workers obtain much-needed workers’ compensation benefits, please visit our webpage.