Often, a workplace injury is obvious to both the injured worker and his or her employer. A worker may fall, suffering a serious leg or back injury, for example. Sometimes, however, injuries at work may be less obvious, but still have a tremendous impact on a Connecticut worker’s life. The types of injuries that may not be as obvious, or as sudden, are known as overlooked industrial injuries, as they have the possibility of being overlooked by the victim.

There are a variety of potential overlooked industrial injuries. A worker may experience breathing problems due to long-term exposure to industrial chemicals that have damaged his or her lungs. Hearing loss may occur when a worker is exposed to loud noises in the workplace day after day. Even with protection, a worker can lose his or her full range of hearing. A person’s vision may be affected if he or she is exposed to airborne irritants. The loss of vision may occur over time and therefore a worker may not notice it until his or her vision has declined significantly.

A worker who consistently has to lift heavy objects or otherwise exert himself or herself on the job may develop a hernia or back pain. Similarly, a worker who performs repetitive hand motions on the job may find that he or she develops carpal tunnel syndrome induced by the necessary motions of his or her job. Interestingly, even a heart attack may be considered to be an overlooked industrial injury if it is determined to be induced by work-related stress.

Fortunately, a worker who is suffering from an injury that has been caused by his or her working conditions, even in part, may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. An attorney may be able to offer guidance regarding available benefits and the process of obtaining them.