Construction workers in Connecticut and elsewhere have potentially dangerous jobs. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, recognizes the potential hazards for construction workers and works to protect workers and help create safe working environments free from construction accidents.

Construction workers have specific rights through OSHA, which they should be aware of. This includes the right to access a great deal of information about their working environments. They may access relevant employee medical records and exposure records, as well as review records related to work-related illnesses and injuries. An employee may also review relevant rules, regulations, requirements and standards that apply to his or her workplace, which an employer should have available for an employee to review.

In the event a Connecticut construction worker believes hazardous conditions or other violations of standards exist in his or her workplace, he or she has the right to request that OSHA inspect the workplace. Furthermore, while the OSHA compliance officer is performing the inspection, the requesting employee has the right to have an authorized employee representative observe the inspection. If tests are performed seeking to confirm hazards in the workplace, an employee has the right to obtain copies of these tests.

It is essential for Connecticut workers to be informed about not only the safety of their work environments but also about their rights. Workers have the right to safe working environments and also the right to not be the subject of retaliatory or discriminatory action if they pursue an OSHA complaint. If a worker has questions or concerns about his or her rights, whether an accident has occurred or not, he or she may wish to consult with an attorney for guidance.

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