Workplace accidents are always a concern, especially when they result in fatal injuries to a worker. And while there is some good news to report for those concerned about the safety of Connecticut workers, this does not alleviate the tragedy that these incidents can cause workers and their loved ones.

According to a new report from the state Department of Labor, worker deaths in Connecticut were lower in 2014 than previous years. According to the report, there were 33 deaths from fatal accidents at work in Connecticut in 2014. This is below the average of 39 worker deaths per year in the state.

Unfortunately, those working in the construction, transportation and warehousing industries are at a higher risk for death than other Connecticut workers. These sectors suffered from the highest on-the-job deaths in 2014 in the state. Seven workers died in both the construction sector and the transportation and warehousing sector in 2014. Together these deaths accounted for 42 percent of the worker deaths in 2014.

Nationwide, there were 4,679 deaths connected to work accidents in 2014. Texas, California, Florida and New York had the highest numbers of deaths from workplace accidents, each with between 200 and 500 deadly workplace accidents occurring throughout the state. It is interesting to note that in Connecticut, the rate of fatal work injuries per 100,000 full-time workers was only 1.8 in 2013. A comparable statistic for 2014 will be available in spring, 2016.

Despite the positive trend reported, it is tragic that any of these workers died in the first place. All workers should have access to safe working environments that are free of safety hazards and other perils. Unfortunately, however, that is just not the reality, and due to unsafe working environments, workers will undoubtedly continue to suffer.

If your loved one has died on the job in Connecticut, you may be eligible for benefits. Family members may want to seek guidance about their rights regarding workers’ compensation benefits following the death of a loved one in a workplace accident..

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