When a Connecticut worker begins experiencing pain while performing his or her job, they may become concerned not only for their physical well being but also for their job as well. An injured worker may wonder if the pain will interfere with his or her job to such an extent that they will need to stop working completely or require medical treatment that will require them to be away from work for a period of time.

Certain jobs that require repetitive motions, such as typing or other repetitive stressful motions are more likely to cause workers to suffer from workplace illnesses, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. This work-related illness was discussed in a previous post, highlighting the concerns this situation causes a worker.

The Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz recognize the importance of aggressively pursuing the benefits that workers need for injuries experienced on the job. An injury such as carpal tunnel syndrome will likely interfere with many aspects of a Connecticut worker’s life. Such a hand and wrist injury may make it difficult not only for a person to work but also to cook dinner or play with his or her children. Therefore, it is important to actively pursue the benefits that could help alleviate the burdens a work injury or illness could cause.

Our legal staff is knowledgeable and skilled at workers’ compensation claims. We not only work with our clients to meet their needs, but we also work with their doctors to help our clients obtain the benefits they are entitled to. We have helped past client successfully secure benefits such as medical treatment, permanency benefits and wage loss benefits.

With years of experience, we are prepared to stand up to insurance companies that claim a person’s disability is not work-related or attempt to challenge a diagnosis. Our attorneys know that this is common for an employer’s insurance company to deny coverage to an injured worker, however, we have successfully advocated for our past clients, working hard to protect their rights.

For additional information regarding workplace illnesses and workers’ compensation benefits, please visit our webpage. This could provide general information, helping injured workers and their loved ones make timely and informed decision in their situation.