To build a multi-story apartment building, a massive office building or even a residential home, there are a multitude of components that must be properly executed. From laying the foundation to putting on a roof, the construction of a new structure, as well as the renovation or rehabilitation of an older building, takes careful coordination and the hard work of many people.

For the construction workers doing the physical labor of building or renovating a structure, their work can pose risks. As a previous post reported, a Connecticut worker who was working on the outside of a building undergoing renovations was hit in the head with a brick. Despite the fact that the worker was wearing a hardhat, he suffered serious injuries. This man’s injury, even with the use of safety precautions, illustrates that construction sites can be dangerous environments.

Attorney Wesley Malowitz is very familiar with the dangers of construction sites, and the injuries that workers might suffer on the job, from ladder falls to dangerous explosions. He is also familiar with the significant financial needs that an injured worker and his or her family may have after a construction site accident.

Injured workers often need the help that workers compensation benefits can provide them while they seek essential medical care and undergo rehabilitation, if necessary. Mr. Malowitz knows that sometimes clients must fight for the right to obtain the medical care they need. He is eager to help clients aggressively protect their rights.

Having Wesley Malowitz’s advocacy following a serious accident on the job can prove invaluable. For more information, please visit our webpage. This could provide general information, helping individuals take proper and timely action in their situation.