Connecticut workers can suffer a range of injuries on the job, and often their injuries may seem predictable for the type of work they do – an injury from a nail gun while building a house, or a leg injury from a ladder fall on a construction site. Some injuries may be more unexpected, as well as less physically obvious, such as when police officers and firefighters suffer from stress-related health effects that lead to hypertension or heart disease.

As this blog reported in a previous post, when a worker has a stressful job that leads to mental strain, he or she may require medical treatment, and therefore incur medical expenses. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits may cover these costs.

The high-stress work environments of firefighters and police officers may lead to these workers suffering from hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, or heart disease. If a worker does not receive proper treatment for these conditions, he or she could suffer from a stroke, aneurysm or heart attack.

Wesley Malowitz knows that it is possible to help clients suffering from stress-related medical conditions to recover medical expenses, lost wages and disability benefits through the workers’ compensation system. Furthermore, if a hard-working individual dies from a heart attack, leaving a spouse or other dependents, Wesley Malowitz may be able to help that spouse obtain survivors’ benefits which can ease some of the financial burdens following a loved one’s death.

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