Construction sites in Connecticut, whether they are for residential or commercial buildings, are often bustling locations, with men and women of various trades hard at work. There may be numerous contractors working at one time on different portions of a structure, from the foundation, to electrical work, to roof repairs.

Each of these types of construction work presents its own unique safety hazards. As this blog reported in a previous post, scaffolding falls are one of the unique dangers facing roof repairers. The danger of scaffolding falls also extends to window washers, painters and siders.

There are many ways that a worker may be injured in a workplace accident stemming from his or her use of scaffolding. It is possible that the scaffolding was assembled improperly. If the scaffolding was not properly braced it may be more prone to weakness. The scaffolding components themselves may be defective, or there may be missing pieces and unsecured work platforms. It is possible that a worker may suffer a scaffolding fall due to employer negligence or other construction workers’ negligent behavior.

Wesley Malowitz has experience helping clients who have been injured in scaffolding falls obtain workers’ compensation benefits to cover their medical expenses, as well as compensation for lost wages during the time they are unable to work. An injured construction worker has rights, and Mr. Malowitz works hard to ensure that these rights are protected and that all appropriate claims are pursued against responsible parties following a fall.

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