Construction work is necessary and important work. Connecticut construction workers build new structures, rehabilitate older buildings and repair roadways, all of which are vital for the community. Yet this work presents the possibilities of injuries to construction workers.

As this blog reported in a previous post, one particular type of work that presents the possibility of injury is work in confined spaces. But construction site accidents happen in other types of construction work as well. Serious injury is possible if a person falls from scaffolding or is involved in a defective power tool accident. Exposure to toxic substances can also create serious medical concerns, as can involvement in a fire or explosion on a jobsite.

Ideally if a person suffers from a construction site accident it should be easy to obtain workers’ compensation benefits to pay for medical costs and lost wages. Unfortunately, however, it may not be as easy as a worker imagines. An employer may place limitations on whom a worker can receive treatment from and treatment options could be limited. Aggressive representation by an attorney, as Wesley Malowitz can provide, can help facilitate the process of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits following a construction accident.

An employee who accepts workers’ compensation benefits will be prohibited from suing his or her employer for expenses related to the injury. The possibility for legal recovery may still exist, however, if a third party, such as the manufacturer of a defective piece of equipment, caused the accident. Mr. Malowitz is experienced in filing third party claims related to construction injuries and successfully obtaining compensation for his clients in similar situations.

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