The Connecticut workers’ compensation system has clearly outlined rules and requirements defined by state law. These requirements are designed to allow injured workers to obtain the benefits they need after suffering from an injury or illness at work. As this blog reported in a previous post, sometimes a worker’s case may not go as planned. When situations arise that present potential difficulties, it is important for an injured Connecticut worker to know what rights he or she has.

Injured Connecticut workers have specific rights regarding what financial compensation is available to them, what medical care they may receive through the workers’ compensation system and what rights they have if a claim is denied.

Workers may wonder if they are receiving the full extent of benefits to which they are entitled under Connecticut law, or wonder if it was appropriate that their claim for workers’ compensation benefits was denied. These are the types of questions with which an attorney can help. From obtaining back pay to the date of a worker’s injury, as well as payment for any medical expenses related to the injury, having an aggressive advocate in your corner may result in additional financial recovery, as well as peace of mind knowing that your needs are getting thorough and focused attention.

It may be necessary to work with an insurance company to obtain authorization for specific medical care, as well as wage reimbursement. Additionally, once medical treatment concludes, it may be necessary to obtain permanent injury or disability benefits for a worker.

Wesley Malowitz has experience helping those injured in Connecticut navigate the complex workers’ compensation system. From evaluation of a potential claim and the initial filing of the claim, to negotiation of a claim for settlement, if appropriate, Wesley Malowitz’s years of experience benefit injured Connecticut workers.

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