The potential for work accidents exists at all Connecticut workplaces, but some workplaces and types of work are inherently riskier than others. One especially risky form of work is firefighting.

Two Connecticut firefighters experienced a frightening car accident on the job recently while working in the line of duty. A speeding vehicle struck the back of the firefighters’ parked 2009 Chevrolet Suburban as they responded to a stranded vehicle on the side of the road. The firefighters were returning from an earlier call related to a car crash. The impact injured both firefighters, and they received medical attention for back, hip and arm pain. Despite their injuries, the firefighters checked on the safety of the occupants in the vehicle that crashed into them.

Workers’ compensation benefits help employees after they are injured in workplace accidents like the one the firefighters faced. Safety hazards are not limited to the workplace, and workers do not have to be physically at their office at the time they are injured to be covered by workers’ compensation. Workers whose work duties include driving, such as firefighters, truck drivers and police officers, or those who must stand by the road as part of their work duties, such as road construction or maintenance workers, may find themselves the victims of a car accident during the course of their work duties.

Workers’ compensation benefits provide injured workers with coverage for medical expenses and lost wages until they are prepared to return to work. It is essential for workers to understand how the workers’ compensation system can assist them, and an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers and their families receive the benefits they need to make their recovery as smooth as possible.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Firefighters Injured Responding to Accident in East Hartford Released From Hospital,” Feb. 14, 2015