When a Connecticut worker is injured in a workplace accident or falls ill due to unsafe working conditions, the worker may want to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. One of the first steps for a worker to take is to file a Form 30C, which serves as written notification of a benefits claim.

When should a worker file a Form 30C? Ideally, the paperwork should be filed as soon as possible after an injury occurs. The Form 30C must be filed within 12 months of the injury or within 36 months of the first occurrence of symptoms. This statutory timeframe will not be fulfilled by an accident report filed by a worker’s employer, nor will the First Report of Injury, as these are not considered official claims for benefits.

In addition, it is possible that by filing a Form 30C, a worker’s insurer or employer will more promptly address the issue. Similarly, once a worker’s employer receives that worker’s claim, the employer has 28 days to either begin issuing workers’ compensation benefits or deny the worker’s claim. If the employer misses this 28 day window to accept or deny the claim, the employer implicitly accepts responsibility for the claim.

Filing a Form 30C is very important. However, it is just one of the steps to take when pursuing workers’ compensation benefits. Workers with more questions about the workers’ compensation process may want to seek help from an attorney to assist them in filing their claims properly.

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