Workers in Connecticut who are injured on the job will have a great deal to think about beyond simply recovering from their injuries. For many, there might be a worry that they’ll have massive medical expenses and aren’t going to be able to make ends meet due to lost wages and missed time at work. It is with this in mind that workers have workers’ compensation benefits. When suffering an injury, it’s important that the worker and his or her family know what to do immediately after the incident and how to apply for workers’ compensation.

When suffering an injury at work, the first step is to inform the employer of what happened. The employer will then direct the worker to receive medical treatment. A form known as the First Report of Injury will be filed with the insurer who provides workers’ compensation as well as the Workers’ Compensation Commission. If there is a delay in reporting the injury, there might be a dispute as to whether the claim will be paid. Receiving medical care is paramount and this must be done as soon as possible. The employer might have a medical provider it specifically uses and this is where the worker must receive treatment when the injury first happens.

The claim for workers’ compensation benefits must then be filed as quickly as possible. The 30C Form is preferable and can be acquired via the Workers’ Compensation Commission’s Education Services or the District Office. The claim must be filed within one year from the date the injury occurred or it will have passed the statute of limitations. If the problem is an occupational issue, then the worker will have three years. In the event that there is an employer who is disputing the claim there will be written notification with the denial of benefits and why.

Workers’ compensation benefits are imperative. If there is any problem with receiving benefits such as a denial or a mistake made when filing, the injured person should discuss the matter with a qualified legal professional. If a payment hasn’t been received within two weeks of the claim, it is important to contact the insurer. The insurer must have all the proper forms and a statement from the employer detailing what the wages were. There must be a medical record detailing that the injury is due to work.

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