When a Connecticut construction worker heads out for a day at work, there’s an understanding that the job carries with it a certain amount of risk. Any physical job holds certain dangers, but injuries in a construction accident are quite common due to the inherent issues. Given the nature of these incidents, a construction worker can suffer injuries and even fatalities. Another important factor after a construction worker injury is the medical costs, the inability to work and lost pay. Those who have been hurt need to know what to do in the accident’s aftermath.

According to reports, three construction workers suffered injuries in a fall while working on a building near the Amtrak train tracks. The men fell almost 30 feet as they climbed from a roof to an aerial lift. It happened after 2 p.m. as the machine shifted, apparently causing the workers to fall. The injuries the men suffered were said to be serious, but they’re not in danger of dying from them. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating.

Considering the amount of risks they face, it is not uncommon for construction workers to be hurt in a construction site accident. It could be because of equipment failures, falling tools, a machine failing, toxic substances, explosions, fires and for many other reasons. These can be circumstantial or due to the negligent acts of an employer or another worker. When trying to receive benefits, there can be resistance from insurers to pay. Those who have been hurt need to remember their rights and take steps to receive what they’re entitled to. In some instances, that requires litigation.

In this incident, the shifting of a lift is believed to have led to three workers falling from a building they were working on. All three were hurt. With the issues they face in the future, they need to understand what to do next.

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