Poor winter weather conditions have been blamed for a recent bus accident near Hartford, Connecticut. Nine passengers on the bus required transportation to the Hartford Hospital, with four of them being taken to the emergency room. Freezing rain made roads treacherously slick across the state. Highway cameras recording the scene appear to show the accident was attributable to the slippery conditions. The commuter bus crash was not the only one that day; several tractor-trailer accidents were reported as well. Road conditions eventually improved as temperatures rose, as the icy sleet changed into a regular rainfall.

Icy roads are a regular occurrence in much of the state throughout the winter months. The worsened driving conditions may result in an additional car accident on the job for those who are required to drive work vehicles. Workers’ compensation offers employees a means of financial assistance during recovery from any injuries sustained from a work accident. Documentation is crucial in order to receive full compensation, however. After experiencing an accident, an injured employee should make sure to detail any accident injuries as well as how the injury has impacted him or her. In addition to medical benefits, workers’ compensation will provide wage loss benefits based on a statutory percentage of the workers’ regular wage.

Any accident can be stressful and fear-inducing for those recovering from injuries sustained. For those missing work hours due to such injuries, those feelings may be compounded by the uncertainty of how to make ends meet financially. Workers’ compensation claims exist for just that reason-to help provide security for those hoping to focus on healing after work-related incidents.

Source: Fairfield Citizen, “Icy roads blamed for numerous accidents in Connecticut,” December 9, 2014