Workers in Bridgeport who choose to enter the field of construction know several things. They will have a job that lets them work outside, they’ll be able to see the results of their toil as it progresses, they’ll be able to use their physical strength and attention to detail and they are at risk for injuries or death in a construction accident. A worker who is injured on a construction site will have a great deal to think about after the accident including workers’ compensation and how to return to full health.

A construction worker who was working on a construction site was recently injured when he fell down a flight of stairs. The fall was said to have been an estimated 20 feet and the man suffered injuries that are believed to be serious. There have been no updates on his condition and law enforcement stated that there was an accident, but added nothing else. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration sent an investigator to the site to see what happened and an investigation is ongoing.

Since construction work can be so dangerous and construction site accidents happens so frequently, it’s important that workers and their families know what to do in the event something unexpected happens and causes injuries or fatalities. Any number of things can happen from defective equipment to falls to fires and tools being dropped from above. With injuries, the worker won’t be able to do the person’s job and will have to file for workers’ compensation. In addition, there will be medical costs and the possible need for rehabilitation and long-term care.

In some instances, the company will try to keep from taking responsibility for what happened and avoid paying anything more than the minimum amount. Workers’ compensation can be difficult to receive as well. It’s important to know how to move forward in filing litigation if there are roadblocks to being adequately compensated.

Source: Westport Now, “Construction worker seriously injured in fall,” Sept. 23, 2014