An elderly individual was charged with striking an employee at a nursery. The man faces an assault charge resulting from the attempt to cause the employee injuries at work.

The 71-year-old man owns the property at which the nursery is located. He lives there and rents out a portion of it to the business. Officers reportedly state there remains a “contentious” relationship between the man and the nursery.

When the man requested an employee move one of the business’ trailers, he felt the worker did not move quickly enough. Using a bucket loader, he began moving the trailer by himself. The employee climbed onto the vehicle to question the man’s actions when the man punched the employee in the face, knocking him to the ground. The worker also claimed that he feared the elderly man was attempting to run him over. The employee reportedly tried to record the incident on a cell phone, whereas the elderly man claimed the worker was trying to harm him using the phone.

Some workplace environments may stem tense confrontations more often than others, but it is no reason for violence to occur. When an employee experiences an on-the-job injury, a workers compensation claim may be able to help recover some of the financial cost arising from the incident. Certain restrictions apply to the types of injuries covered by such claims, however. Generally, a workplace injury occurring within the course of employment counts for a workers’ compensation claim. This may include injuries taking place on the worksite or off, depending on the employee’s conduct at the time.

Victims befalling injuries while on the job deserve compensation for their rehabilitation time. An experienced attorney can help determine if an injury qualifies for coverage under workers’ compensation protection.

Source: CT Post, “Man charged with punching worker at nursery,” Aug. 28, 2014