A Connecticut motorcycle police officer found himself the victim of an accident involving another vehicle. Fortunately, quick thinking helped him avoid more serious injury that could have easily resulted from the car accident on the job.

The officer was en route to an emergency call while on duty when the incident occurred. A woman driving another vehicle attempted to make a left hand turn from a private driveway, pulling out onto the road and striking the motorcycle. The officer skillfully put the bike into a controlled skid on a grass area, helping to prevent further injury to himself. He was treated for injuries while the woman driver was charged with failure to grant right of way and failure to obey an officer’s signal.

Work accidents like this are not altogether uncommon. Even when an employee takes precautions to prevent such incidents, sometimes unavoidable and serious harm can result. Employees that are injured in an accident on the job may be able to receive assistance with the sudden financial burden through a workers’ compensation claim. Most employers are required to carry such insurance in order to help employees after a work-related injury. Employees may be able to receive a portion of lost wages, support with medical expenses or even compensation for permanent injuries sustained.

An employee facing injuries from an accident on the job deserves assistance in covering the sudden expenses imposed upon them. A workers’ compensation claim can help individuals, such as the officer in this instance, recover compensation for their injuries and ease the financial strain during recovery.

Source: CBS Connecticut, “Branford Motorcycle Officer Escapes Serious Injury In Crash,” July 25, 2014