A Connecticut crash between an Amtrak train and a tree trimming truck sent five people to the hospital, including the tree trimming employee involved. This particular truck accident on the job is not the first report the tree trimming company has had for injuries that its employees have experienced in the workplace.

The train, carrying 46 passengers and traveling at a speed of 70 mph, was derailed after crashing into the tree-trimming truck at around 9:30 a.m. The truck and a wood chipper were allegedly parked on the track and workers were not able to move them before the train arrived.

Four of the train’s passengers were sent to the hospital, along with a truck worker. The truck worker was an employee of Trees Incorporated. Whether or not the tree trimming work crew was acting according to protocol is still under investigation. However, Trees Incorporated has had multiple workplace accident reports arise recently. Trees Incorporated’s history of accidents involves workers receiving fatal or serious head injuries on the job in addition to other violations against the company. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the accident but has not yet commented.

According to Amtrak, a permit is required for any company wishing to work near the train tracks. No official report shows whether or not Trees Incorporated obtained such a permit. If the company failed to get the permit, the injured employee may be able to hold the company liable for employer negligence. Even if the company obtained the correct permit, the worker can still seek workers’ compensation.. Employees injured on the job are generally eligible for assistance to cover the costs of medical care from the injury, replacement income, and compensation for any permanent injuries.

Employees injured on the job often need assistance to handle the unexpected medical costs and loss of income that come with a workplace injury. A workers’ compensation claim can help injured workers, like the tree trimming crew member in this instance, to receive the assistance they need and deserve.

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