Workers across the nation are aware that some jobs are inherently dangerous. Even though these occupations include risks, these jobs still need to be carried out. Furthermore, various steps could be taken to create a more safe work environment in order to reduce or avoid work injuries or illnesses. If an employer fails to provide a safe work environment or fails to improve work training and safety equipment, a serious workplace accident could occur.

A recent report was released regarding the level of safety each state embodies. For Connecticut, the state was ranked the ninth safest state in the nation. This conclusion was based on various factors that focused on the stability of the community and home, traffic safety, natural disasters, financial security as well as workplace safety. When it comes to safety in the work environment, the state was ranked sixth in the nation.

In addition to being considered on of the safest states to work in, it was also discovered that the state had the third least fatal occupational injuries per total employees in the state. When establishing these ranks and numbers, the report looked at the number of work related injuries and illnesses. In addition, the number of days missed due to work incidents was also considered. Lastly, the employer health insurance provided to the employee established the coverage available to the employee in the case of a work-related incident.

Although the report indicates that the state of Connecticut is rather safe to work in, certain occupations and industries are still considered dangerous and could pose some serious risks to employees if proper steps are not taken. When an employee is injured, they could file for workers’ compensation. This could help them with lost wages and medical bills while the employee recovers from the work-related injury or illness.

Losing days at work due to a work injury or illness is less than ideal for employees. But when a serious work accident occurs, the injured workers needs to properly recover so they can return to work and avoid further injury. For some, the time for recovery could be lengthy, so they should be aware of their options and actions they could file in order to recover their lost wages.

Source: Stratford Star, “Connecticut ranked 9th safest in the state,” July 9, 2014