For workers in certain types of employment in Bridgeport, there is a known risk of injury due to the nature of the job. That, however, doesn’t mean that workplace accidents should not be taken seriously. For people who work on garbage trucks or transport various materials, there is the inherent danger of a truck accident on the job. Due to the sheer size of trucks and the likelihood that heavy materials will be the cargo on the truck, this can lead to severe injuries.

Recently, a truck driver was injured when his truck flipped over onto its side in a residential neighborhood and he was trapped in the cab. The accident occurred when a car was turning into a driveway and the truck driver swerved to try and avoid hitting it. In the process, his truck – carting 73,000 pounds of gravel – tipped over. Most of the contents of the truck spilled into the street. Rescue personnel removed the 64-year-old driver from the cab and he was lapsing in and out of consciousness. He was hospitalized with injuries that are not thought to be life-threatening.

Whether a worker is employed at a construction site, in an office or is driving a truck, workplace accidents can leave a person injured with significant hospital costs and perhaps the inability to return to work quickly, if at all. Workers’ compensation covers a wide variety of injuries that happen on the job. In some cases, however, employers will frequently try to keep from having to pay a worker benefits even if there was a legitimate injury. Likewise, insurance companies are focused on controlling costs and will often do whatever they can to deny paying claims. With an accident on the job, a worker has to remember that there are legal rights for compensation.

In this incident, a truck driver tipped his truck filled with gravel over as he tried to avoid an accident. He was injured and taken to the hospital. Because he was injured in this work accident, he should discuss his case with an attorney experienced in workplace accidents and helping people receive workers’ compensation.

Source: Middletown Press, “Cromwell: 2 hurt in dump truck crash; 73,000 lbs of gravel spilled,” Jeff Mill and Kaitlyn Schroyer, July 10, 2014