A recent workers’ compensation settlement just became the largest ever awarded in Connecticut history. A construction worker received $4.5 million in compensation for a paralyzing fall he suffered in 2007.

The worker was an 18-year-old in 2007 when he was working on a construction site. He was performing roof work when he fell off of an 18-foot ladder. The ladder fall broke his spine, rendering him a quadriplegic. The construction company later received citations from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration for violating safety standards where the worker was injured on the construction site. Some of the citations related to defects on the ladder that was involved in the fall. Part of the settlement agreement incorporated the purchasing of a modified house for the now 24-year-old worker to call home. Until recently, he had been in multiple rehabilitation centers.

As in many cases, a workers’ compensation claim was the main remedy available for the worker rather than suing the construction company itself. Workers’ compensation is a program in place that offers payments to employees who become injured or disabled on the job, or as a result of the job. Such claims can help the employee recover costs from medical care related to the injury, replacement income, and compensation for permanent injuries suffered.

Employees injured on the job or as a result of work-related circumstances deserve compensation for the financial burden often imposed by such injuries. Workers’ compensation claims cannot repair what the employee has been through but they may be able to help ease some of the financial strain for injured employees, like the construction worker in this instance.

Source: Ctpost.com, “Injured worker awarded record settlement,” Daniel Tepfer, June 11, 2014