Scaffolding falls are among the most common serious accidents at construction sites. Workers must climb high on these temporary structures where any wrong step or poorly placed equipment can lead to a fall and serious injuries.

Late last month at one Connecticut construction site, a worker was seriously hurt when he fell two stories from scaffolding. According to news reports, the worker was on his first day at the job site in Hartford and was being instructed in scaffolding safety at the time of the fall. Witnesses said he was alert immediately after the accident, but his condition took a turn for the worse and he was later listed in critical condition with life-threatening injuries. Hospital officials reported that his condition later stabilized.

Under the Connecticut workers’ compensation system, workers injured in a construction accident may be compensated for medical expenses and lost wages. To collect these benefits, it is not necessary to show that the employer was negligent. For eligible employees, workers’ compensation benefits should cover most types of injuries from nearly any kind of accident, so long as it occurred in the course of the worker’s job duties. Training for work safety would typically be considered a job duty.

That said, actually filing a claim and collecting benefits for workers’ compensation isn’t always easy. Employers and their insurers are sometimes reluctant to honor a claim, as it will cost them money and possibly increase their insurance costs. It’s at times like these that many workers find they need the help of workers’ compensation attorneys who can advocate for their interests.

Because the injuries suffered in construction site accidents are so often very serious, they are likely to lead to enormous medical expenses and long periods when the injured cannot collect a paycheck at work. It’s important for injured construction workers to get the benefits they need to help them cope with these losses.

Source: CBS Connecticut, “Worker Injured In Fall In Hartford,” May 30, 2014