Accidents can happen at any type of workplace in Connecticut, but accidents are more likely to lead to serious injury in some lines of work than they are in others. Construction and utility workers must handle heavy equipment and work in unstable environments every day. When an accident occurs in this type of workplace, it can easily lead to serious injury or death.

Recently, two utility workers were killed while working on a crane boom truck. The two men were in an aerial lift, working on power lines, when the truck suddenly tipped on its end, sending the men plummeting to the ground.

News media photographs showed the 40,000-pound truck with its front end pointing toward the sky, almost perpendicular to the ground. The truck’s outriggers appeared to be extended, as they must be to keep the truck stable while operating the aerial lift.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has said it is investigating the accident to determine whether there were any safety violations involved in the accident. The agency’s report on the accident could take up to six months to complete.

The workers’ compensation system has the task of making sure that injured workers get the benefits they need when they are injured on the job. In the case of a fatal accident at work, the workers’ compensation system has the job of providing benefits for the victim’s family.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help make sure the injured or their families have the resources to cope with a catastrophic accident, but the system can be difficult. A Connecticut attorney with experience in the workers’ compensation system can help injured workers or their families to make sure they get the compensation they deserve.

Source: Cape Cod Times, “OSHA probe of death of two utility workers may take months,” Patrick Cassidy, April 14, 2014