Most Connecticut workers know that the state’s workers’ compensation system provides benefits for workers who are injured by on-the-job accidents, occupational disease and toxic exposure at work. Still, many workers may be unaware of the types of accidents that may be covered.

Recently, two Connecticut workers were injured when a car crashed into their trucks while they were doing water utilities work at a roadside construction site. Police said one of the workers was inside a truck while the other was down a manhole, hanging by a pulley when the other vehicle smashed head first into their truck.

The driver and both workers were sent to a nearby hospital with injuries that were reportedly minor.

The workers’ compensation system is generally meant to take the place of a personal injury lawsuit. This means that injured workers do not have to prove that their employers acted negligently to cause the accident, but they cannot sue their employer over the same injuries if they also collect benefits. However, when the accident was caused by a third party, it’s possible for the injured worker to file a lawsuit against the third party.

Workers who are injured in the course of their employment can make a claim for benefits that will help cover medical expenses and lost wages while they recuperate. If all goes well, the employer’s insurer will pay the benefits. However, workers often find that insurance companies are reluctant to honor their claims. A Connecticut attorney with experience in workers compensation law can help at these times to make sure injured workers receive the benefits that are their right.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Workers Injured in Construction Site Crash,” Ari Mason, March 5, 2014