Connecticut’s construction workers deal with dangerous conditions every day. They routinely climb scaffolds, move heavy equipment over unpaved areas and perform other tasks that could easily lead to an accident and serious injuries. With proper procedures and careful planning, they can usually avoid these accidents. But when working with heavy construction equipment, these workers can experience all sorts of accidents that may not be so easily foreseen.

Recently, two Connecticut construction workers died after being electrocuted in an electrical accident. According to police, the accident occurred when a dump truck driver was cleaning snow out of the back of the truck. Somehow, the truck contacted live wires and when the man touched the truck, he was shocked and collapsed.

A second man saw the first man fall and rushed to his aid. Unfortunately, he apparently didn’t see what caused the first man’s injury, and so the second man touched the electrified truck as well. The second man was also shocked and collapsed.

According to police, a customer saw sparks from the wire and company officials called 911 for help. The two injured workers were taken to hospitals, but medics were unable to revive them.

Under the Connecticut workers’ compensation system the families of workers who are killed in work-related accidents may be entitled to receive benefits.

One does not have to prove that the employer did anything wrong to cause a construction accident in order to collect the benefits. However, employers and their insurers have a financial incentive to refuse a claim or to give these families less than they deserve. It’s important for injured Connecticut workers and their families to have the help of attorneys with experience in workers’ compensation so that they can collect their proper benefits.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “2 Electrocuted, Killed in South Windsor Construction Accident,” Feb. 19, 2014