When Connecticut residents go to work, they expect to be safe while they do their jobs to earn money to support themselves and their families. They do not likely expect to be injured, thereby incurring medical bills and other expenses. Injuries at work do happen, however, and many of those injuries can be attributed to an employer’s negligence or failure to adhere to proper health and safety standards.

A town in Connecticut was recently investigated by CONN-OSHA. The agency was not responding to any complaint but was instead conducting random inspections of many of the town’s facilities. The investigation did uncover violations that resulted in 17 citations, however. Five of them were designated as serious violations, while the remaining were not. Although the initial fine amount was over $3,000, OSHA reduced the fine by half because the city acted immediately to remedy the problems.

In this instance, a workplace injury did not prompt the investigation, so the problems were discovered before any harm was suffered by an employee. This is not always the case, however, as many employees suffer injuries at work across the state. Some injuries are relatively minor but other injuries, like a back injury, for example, can result in long-lasting pain and permanent disability. In addition to the medical costs incurred, an employee may have to deal with lost wages while recovering.

Although workers’ compensation is intended to protect employees in these situations, it is difficult to always get the compensation deserved and care needed. The strong and effective advocacy of an attorney experienced with workers’ compensation law can go a long way in ensuring that injured employees get the care that they need when they need it and that benefits and compensation is not delayed or withheld.

Source: Courant, “Simsbury Pays $1,600 in OSHA Fines,” Nicholas Rondinone, Dec. 19, 2013