Connecticut’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or CONN-OSHA, is known for responding to complaints or work accidents and imposing fines on private employers who provide their employees with an unsafe working environment. However, CONN-OSHA also conducts random inspections and can impose fines on even government agencies when they violate safety standards.

This was the case this fall, when CONN-OSHA conducted workplace inspections of different departments of the town of Simsbury. Over several days, CONN-OSHA inspected workplaces of almost all departments under the town’s government and issued 17 citations, five of which were considered serious.

According to a town official, most of the cited violations were in the parks, recreation and culture department and the department of public works. No injuries were reported to have occurred as a result of these violations.

Originally, the town was ordered to pay $3,200, but after it addressed some of the cited safety hazards, that amount was reduced. The town recently paid $1,600 in fines after agreeing to consult with CONN-OSHA in efforts to improve workplace safety.

State or federal OSHA investigations can help prevent injuries before they happen. They can also be important pieces of evidence if a worker is injured in a workplace accident.

Workers who have been hurt on the job can benefit greatly from the help of a Connecticut attorney with experience in workplace injury and workers’ compensation law. It’s important to prevent injury and ensure workplace safety, but it’s also important that workers who are hurt on the job receive the benefits they deserve.

Source: The Courant, “Simsbury Pays $1,600 In OSHA Fines,” Nicholas Rondinone, Dec. 19, 2013