When workers are hurt on the job in Connecticut or anywhere else in the country, they typically can be compensated for medical expenses, rehabilitation and lost wages through their state’s workers’ compensation system. Workers’ compensation can apply to many kinds of workers and all kinds of work-related injuries, including accidents involving Major League Baseball players during practice or play.

Under the terms of their contract with the players, Major League Baseball teams pay for the costs associated with the players’ work-related injuries. For example, if a pitcher requires surgery on his elbow, his team pays the medical bills. However, the terms of the contract also allow the team to file a workers’ compensation claim on the player’s behalf. The team then collects the benefits. If the workers’ compensation benefits don’t cover all the bills, which they frequently don’t, at least in the area of sports medicine, the team must absorb the difference.

Playing in a Major League Baseball team is a highly unusual job in many respects. Few Connecticut workers can depend upon their employers to automatically pay for the costs associated with a work-related injury. Instead, much of the burden is on the worker to file a claim and fight to make sure it is honored and that the benefits are sufficient to cover the expenses.

No matter what type of work or the degree of injury, a worker can seek to gain compensation for the injuries they suffer in a workplace accident. This not only helps cover the medical expenses associated with the accident but will also provide them with the wages they lost during their recovery.

Connecticut workers who are injured on the job are stuck with huge expenses when they don’t get the benefits they deserve. It’s important that the get help making their claims and navigating their way through the often difficult workers’ compensation system.

Source: New York Times, “Mets’ Harvey Is Covered Like Any Other Employee With a Workplace Injury,” Richard Sandomir, Sep. 18, 2013