There are a lot of modern conveniences most Connecticut residents take for granted. For instance, few individuals really appreciate how much they rely upon electricity until there’s a power outage. However, there are other Connecticut workers who have the task of keeping services like electricity running. When something goes wrong with these services, there are workers who put themselves at risk trying to fix the problem.

Two workers were hurt recently when an electrical surge at a Connecticut sewage pump apparently caused an explosion. Witnesses reported hearing an explosion and saw black smoke rising from a sewage pumping station in Niantic. Observers said the two workers appeared to be conscious after the incident, but were transported to a local hospital for treatment and observation. The electrical accident knocked out sewage for the town and residents were asked to conserve water use by not flushing their toilets until the pumping station could be repaired.

When Connecticut residents are injured in an accident at work, they may be compensated for medical expenses and lost wages through the state’s workers’ compensation system. The process of filing for these benefits is meant to be easier than filing a personal injury lawsuit. For example, the injured worker does not have the added task of proving that the accident was the result of employer negligence or an unsafe working environment.

However, this doesn’t mean that the process always goes smoothly. It can be difficult for many workers to get the benefits they need, or to get as much as they need to cover their expenses after an accident. This is especially true when the employer or the employer’s insurance company fights the worker’s claim. At times like this, it’s important for injured Connecticut workers to get help ensuring that they receive all the benefits to which they are entitled. Connecticut relies upon its workers to keep modern conveniences working so well that most people take them for granted. It should never take its injured workers for granted.

Source: WTNH, “Two hurt at sewage pumping station,” Tina Detelj, Sept. 10, 2013