Accidents can happen in all kinds of Connecticut workplaces, and when moving machinery is involved, those accidents can result in serious injury. A UPS worker at a Connecticut facility suffered severe injuries in a recent workplace accident when his arm became caught in a conveyor belt.

According to fire officials, it took paramedics 40 minutes to free the man’s arm from the machinery. During that time, he lost a lot of blood, they said. The man was transported to a nearby hospital and officials were reportedly not sure if the arm would ultimately need to be amputated.

The Occupational Safety and Health Association, or OSHA, was scheduled to make an investigation of the incident.

When a Connecticut worker is injured in an accident at work, workers’ compensation benefits can help cover medical expenses and lost wages. To receive benefits, it is not necessary to prove employer negligence. However, when OSHA discovers workplace safety violations were responsible for an accident, the government may fine the employer.

It is also important for Connecticut workers to stand up for safety at work by insisting that their employers follow workplace safety guidelines. Workers who suspect a safety violation should report it to their supervisors, and to OSHA, if the employer fails to fix the problem. Employees can do this anonymously, but even if they use their real names, the employer is not legally allowed to retaliate against them for reporting suspected safety rule violations.

In addition to reporting safety violations, when an accident does occur, it is crucial that injured workers get the benefits they need. Any Connecticut resident who is the victim of a workplace injury should understand their legal options for getting the compensation that they deserve.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “UPS Worker Gets Arm Stuck in Conveyor Belt,” Sep. 5, 2013