Accidents can happen in any kind of workplace in Connecticut, but some workplaces carry greater risks than others. Those who work in a cubicle in an office may be just as likely to trip and fall as a person who works with heavy machinery, but the accident near the machinery is more likely to lead to serious or fatal injury.

A worker was killed recently at a Connecticut industrial site when he was somehow struck by a front-end loader. According to the man’s employer, at the time of the accident the man was walking behind the loader at an industrial complex where asphalt is made.

The company said that all safety equipment appeared to be working properly and that all workers at the plant had received all required safety training and certification. Officials had conducted a safety inspection just hours before the fatal accident.

When a worker is injured on the job in Connecticut, workers’ compensation benefits can help pay for medical expenses and lost wages. In the case of a fatal accident at work, workers’ compensation benefits can help the victim’s family cope with lost wages.

Workers’ compensation benefits have some advantages over personal injury lawsuits. For one thing, unlike in a lawsuit, the workers’ compensation claimant doesn’t have to prove employer negligence. They have some disadvantages, however. For example, the dollar amount of the benefits is limited, and those who collect benefits are typically barred from filing suit against the employer over the same injury in case the benefits don’t cover all the damages.

There are many factors to consider when filing a claim for workers’ compensation. Connecticut workers who have been hurt on the job, or the families of those killed, should get help understanding their rights and options.

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