Construction workers have a dangerous job. Operating heavy machinery, moving heavy parts, climbing ladders and scaffolds – these are the daily tasks of construction workers, and when something goes wrong with them it can lead to a serious injury.

A Connecticut man was killed recently in a construction accident when he was accidentally pinned between two temporary buildings as he was helping to assemble them. The 56-year-old man left behind a wife and three children. Another worker was also injured in the accident, although his injuries were reportedly not life-threatening.

When a worker is injured on the job in Connecticut, the state’s workers’ compensation system should provide benefits to help cope with medical expenses and lost wages. When a worker is killed, death benefits generally may be claimed by the worker’s surviving family members.

The workers’ compensation system was intended to make sure injured employees get the benefits they need and to provide predictability for employers. Those who collect workers’ compensation benefits are generally barred from suing their employers over the same injuries, although not necessarily from suing third parties who may have been involved in the incident.

When workers’ compensation works as it should, injured workers can cope with their financial losses and return to work, if possible. Families of workers who have been killed get benefits that will help them cope with the loss of a loved one.

After a serious accident, workers are frequently left with huge medical expenses or other costs. Injured workers who feel they are not getting the benefits they deserve should investigate their legal options.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Conn. worker dies in Mass. construction accident,” April 18, 2013