Workplace accidents can happen to all kinds of workers and they can be devastating to the injured workers and their families. Sometimes injuries at work happen at an especially tragic time in a worker’s life.

According to news reports, a man who was just recently relocated to Connecticut after Hurricane Sandy was severely injured at a New Milford workplace. According to one report, he lost several fingers in a workplace accident and was hospitalized.

The man and his wife moved to Connecticut in January along with 14 other families affected by the superstorm Sandy as part of a relocation effort by the Tunnels to Towers Foundation in New Fairfield. The organization was founded to help first responders affected by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and is now helping people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

When workers are injured on the job, they may lose wages, face huge medical expenses and suffer lasting pain or permanent disability. Workers’ compensation laws provide ways to compensate workers for these losses. Qualifying employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to help pay for these benefits. Worker’s compensation covers injuries suffered while at work or work-related activities and may also cover illnesses and mental strain caused or exacerbated by work.

Generally, workers’ compensation benefits take the place of a civil lawsuit. Workers who collect workers’ compensation benefits are usually barred from suing their employer over the same injury.

When workers’ compensation works as it should, employers provide a safe workplace and workers who are injured get a good way toward returning to their pre-accident lives. When it doesn’t work as it should, workers should understand their rights and fight to have them respected.

Source: Connecticut Post, “Worker hurt on job,” Feb. 20, 2013