Economic security is a must for all workers, whether they are in the private sector or a government organization. Employees in Connecticut should be aware that their employers are under legal obligation to financially support them in the case of a work-related accident. To ensure financial security to workers and employees, the law enforces mandatory workers’ compensation benefits provision for work-related injuries and deaths. Take, for example, a recent case.

Not long ago, a firefighter suffered burn injuries while dousing a house fire in Norwalk, Connecticut. Three firefighters reportedly were trying to reach the second story of the house when the stairs they were standing on collapsed. One of the firefighters caught fire and burned his arm, while the other two sustained minor injuries in the accident. The two firefighters continued working all night while the first one was sent home after receiving treatment.

Firefighting is a very risky profession. Every year, a large number of firefighters sustain injuries or die on the job or in fire-truck accidents across the country. Firefighters generally accept employment knowing all the risks involved. However, they could claim compensation if they suffer injuries while fighting fires.

The idea is that any medical expenses and other temporary and permanent relief covered would be provided by the law with the total amount and benefits tied to the severity of harm caused to the worker.

However, there may be circumstances where the amount of compensation and other benefits are inadequately given to the victim. If a victim feels that the workers’ compensation has not been paid fairly, it can be challenged in court.

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