Employers in Bridgeport, Connecticut, should understand that a safety violation in the workplace may get them in trouble. Injuries at work raise suspicion about safety violations considerably and may lead to inspection of the site by concerned labor authorities.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently conducted an inspection in a New Haven manufacturing facility following a workplace accident that injured four workers in August. OSHA has cited safety violations by the manufacturer and proposed the imposition of a heavy penalty.

The company is a manufacturer of urethane coating and laminate fabric. Reportedly, the accident occurred when a flammable solvent used for machine cleaning caught fire. In the inspection, OSHA found that the employer did not have adequate precautionary arrangements to avert potential fire hazards. The agency has stated that the company was also involved in similar violations earlier in 2008.

Safety violations in the workplace may result in hazardous accidents, causing serious injury to workers. It is the duty of employers to strictly adhere to safety standards set by concerned local and federal agencies. Workplace accidents usually occur when employers fail to comply with safety rules.

Employers should ensure a safe and secure working environment for their workers. It is necessary that hazard warning devices and protective instruments are properly installed in the workplace. Additional safety measures should also be put in place if the nature of work requires it. Similarly, labor laws also require employers to educate their workers about potential hazards and train them on how to avoid danger.

In case of a workplace injury due to safety violations, employers may face a penalty. Additionally, victims of workplace injuries have the right to hold the employer liable for the injury. Victims can file a workers’ compensation lawsuit seeking compensation for medical expenses and lost wages as well as damages for physical disability and rehabilitation.

Source: New Haven Register, ” New Haven manufacturer cited by OSHA for alleged repeat safety violations,” Nov. 20, 2012