Workplace accidents are not unusual in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Some of these accidents occur due to a violation of safety standards set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. On a related point, an accident at work often occurs when the employer fails to provide reasonably safe working conditions and doesn’t educate its workers about potential safety hazards.

A Bridgeport, Connecticut, hospital recently discharged the last victim of a propane gas explosion. Another victim was released from the hospital a few days ago. Both victims are employees of a gas and appliance service provider. They suffered burn injuries while they were installing a new propane tank service at a house.

While at the job site, the workers noticed a gas valve which was left open after removing a clothes dryer. The workers shut the gas off, repaired a leak and thought they resolved the issue. While they aired out the house before turning on the gas, as soon as they tried to relight the pilot of the gas hot water heater, there was an explosion.

The local unit of OSHA is investigating the accident to determine whether there was a safety standard violation with respect to the work at the house.

In Connecticut, the definition of a “workplace” varies depending on the nature of one’s employment. Workplace does not mean only a particular infrastructure created by the employer. If the employer is a service provider, wherever the workers perform their duties is a “workplace.”

All accidents that occur in the workplace or in the course of employment may cause the employer to be liable to compensate the workers for loss. Employers cannot evade their liability by stating that the worker or employee was negligent in performing the work. Victims of workplace accidents can claim compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, physical disability and rehabilitation.

Source: New Haven Register, “Last Shelton propane gas burn victim leaves hospital,” Phyllis Swebilius, Nov. 09, 2012