When someone is injured at work, and files a workers’ compensation with their employer, there are many obvious expenses that a person might incur and request payment for from an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. What about after the initial doctor’s appointments and treatment phases? Many people don’t think about long-term treatments that might be needed and possible complications that might occur as a result of the injury.

A recent study shows that people who are injured at work and take prescription narcotics for pain might be at an increased risk of becoming dependant on those drugs. The study was conducted by The Workers’ Compensation Research Institute. It found that these addictions to prescription painkillers actually increased disability and lost time at work. Many of the people who receive narcotic pain relievers because of work related injuries don’t receive proper monitoring while on the drugs.

In addition to potential side-effects such as addiction to prescription drugs, people might also need future treatments or surgeries because of a workplace injury. Like addiction, these injuries can cost thousands of dollars in additional medical expenses and it is important that employees receive compensation to pay for those expenses. Sometimes employers and their insurance companies will hope to settle a person’s workers’ compensation claim for less than what will cover future expenses.

Speaking with an experience workers’ compensation attorney can help make sure you get the compensation you need in order to receive proper treatments and make a full recovery. People who work hard for their employers deserve to be compensated fairly when they are injured at their jobs.

Source: EHS Today, “Injured Workers and the Risk of Narcotics Misuse,” Laura Walter, Oct. 9, 2012