The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a set standard for the use of cranes and derricks at construction sites. This ensures safe working conditions and goes a long way in preventing construction accidents.

But workers in underground construction and demolition work do not enjoy the same protections that are given to other construction workers. Underground construction workers in Fairfield County would certainly welcome OSHA’s recent concerns relating to the application of new rules regarding cranes and derricks in construction.

In a move to bring underground construction and demolition workers on equal footing, OSHA has proposed a revision of subpart CC. Subpart CC relates to operator qualifications and certification for use of cranes and derricks at construction sites. The new subpart CC will cover underground construction and demolition work and is likely to take effect on Nov. 15 of this year.

The benefits of subpart CC that ensure the prevention of work-related injury would now extend to workers of underground construction and demolition work as well. The revised subpart CC will give underground construction workers the same safety protections that are enjoyed by other construction workers.

Construction site accidents are all too common, and a number of deaths and injuries at construction sites are reported every year in Connecticut. Demolition, mining, heavy lifting and other hazardous duties expose workers to a high level of risk. Falling objects, malfunctioning machines and defective tools may also cause severe injuries.

That is why employers and contractors are under an obligation to follow OSHA guidelines and take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of workers. If an accident occurs due to negligence or non-compliance with OSHA guidelines, the victim would do well to consult with an attorney with experience in filing workers’ compensation claims. The victim or family can seek compensation for injury, lost wages, disability and rehabilitation.

Source: Risk & Insurance, “Safety standard extended to demolition and underground construction workers,” Oct. 4, 2012