It shouldn’t happen, but it does: employers fail to address serious safety issues in the workplace, and workers suffer injuries. When this happens, injured workers in the Stamford area deserve workers’ compensation. Still, to receive those much needed benefits, you may need to push back against employers and insurance companies, and that requires skilled legal representation.

With those issues in mind, Connecticut residents with workplace safety concerns will be interested in a recently filed lawsuit. An injured electrician claims that his employer, Huntington Alloys Corporation, was aware of unsafe workplace conditions when the man was assigned to do a job that would likely result in serious injury or even death.

The man and his wife filed a work-related injury lawsuit against the company, which does business under the name Special Metals. The couple claims the employer acted deliberately by having the man work in a unsafe environment. The lawsuit also states that the dangerous work conditions existed in violation of safety statutes, and that the violation caused the plaintiff’s injuries, which were not detailed in a news report.

Specifically, the husband and wife are seeking compensation for pain and suffering, serious personal injuries, the loss of the ability to earn an income, the loss of the ability to enjoy life and the loss of the ability to do household duties. The lawsuit also requests that the company pay medical expenses.

Connecticut workers who are facing a similar struggle should not give up. There are legal avenues worth exploring in order to receive the compensation you deserve. Even if a workers’ compensation claim is initially denied, there may still be options for returning your life to some semblance of normal.

Source: The Record, “Couple sues Huntington Alloys for injuries,” Kyla Asbury and Cabell Bureau Sept. 17, 2012