What To Do If Injured At Work

In 25 years of workers' compensation legal service, I have worked with a great deal of people across Connecticut who do not understand their basic rights when it comes to recovering from work injuries. I want you to be confident in the knowledge of what you deserve. To do that here are answers to my clients' most asked questions.

What Benefits Can I Get?

The benefits available for workers' compensation are, on a very basic level, medical treatment for your injury and wage replacement if you have to miss work. This means injured workers do not have to jeopardize their livelihood when they need time to get healthy.

How Do I Pursue Benefits? How Do I Initiate A Claim?

Pursuing benefits and initiating a claim is as simple as informing your employer and seeking medical treatment. Afterwards, within a certain amount of time you need to file an official claim with the workers' compensation commission and your employer's insurer. In a perfect world, that is all you would need to do, but often you need the help of a lawyer to make sure insurance companies and employers are treating you according to the law.

How Does This Affect My Employment? Can I Be Fired?

Your employer, in most circumstances, has a workers' compensation policy. It is required by law. Work injuries are covered under that policy. You cannot be fired for taking workers' compensation no matter what you are told.

How Do I Interact With An Employer During The Claims Process?

If you return to work while your claim is active you should be able to interact with your employer as normal. However, you may want to consult with your attorney about exactly what you want to say to your employer during this period of time.

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