Providing Help When Scaffolding Accidents Occur

On construction sites, there are many potential hazards for workers, including scaffolding and ladders. Scaffolding accidents can cause serious injuries that keep construction workers from returning to their jobs and supporting their families during the recovery process. Dealing with insurance companies and employers can make the situation even tougher, especially if they are refusing to provide the benefits you deserve.

At the Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz, I can provide the assistance help that you need if you have been injured in a scaffolding accident on a Connecticut construction site. Having provided representation since 1991, I will work hard to see that you receive proper medical care and the compensation you deserve for medical expenses and lost wages. My firm will help you explore what options you may have to seek recovery for your injuries and other losses.

The first step after a scaffold accident or fall is to talk with an experienced lawyer. Contact my Stamford, Connecticut, office to make an appointment at 866-539-5781.

The Causes Of Scaffolding Accidents

Scaffolding is commonly used by roofers, painters, siders, window washers and construction workers for a variety of jobs.

Common causes of scaffolding accidents may include:

  • Improper assembly of scaffolding
  • Improperly secured work platforms and missing pieces
  • Scaffolding is not properly braced
  • Product defects
  • Negligent actions of other construction workers

While federal safety regulations and Connecticut laws are meant to protect workers, management does not always provide proper safety measures for people working at high elevations. By working with an attorney, you can ensure that your rights are protected.

Dedicated To Helping You Recover Following A Construction Accident

The Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz are committed to helping clients after scaffolding accidents in Connecticut. I will help you pursue workers' compensation benefits and any additional claims you may have against all responsible parties. Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation. Call toll free to make an appointment at 866-539-5781.