Helping You Locate Compensation For Back Injuries On The Job

If you have sustained a back injury while at work or during the course of your employment, it is important to report the incident and seek proper medical attention immediately. Many job injury claims can be difficult to prove because the insurance company asserts that the injury is due to a pre-existing condition or a nonwork-related accident. Therefore, it is critical to consult with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer who can provide you with the advice and representation you need.

At the Law Offices of Wesley M. Malowitz, I help injured workers recover the workers' compensation benefits they deserve following an on-the-job or work-related injury. With a quarter of a century of experience, I have the skills and perseverance to pursue job injury claims and overcome workers' compensation benefit denials.

The Process For Pursuing Benefits Regarding Back Injuries

Back injuries are some of the most common injuries sustained in a work accident and are one of the most frequent reasons for lost work time. Frequent or heavy lifting or a fall at work can cause a ruptured or herniated disc, resulting in back and leg pain.

While many back injuries heal with rest and physical therapy, others require surgery to repair injured discs and relieve nerve impingement. A back injury can be especially devastating to workers whose job requires them to perform heavy physical labor such as construction work. After a serious back injury, many employees are unable to return to their job. Vocational rehabilitation and retraining benefits may be required to return some injured workers to a suitable job within their physical restrictions.

Each back injury claim can be quite complex depending on the severity of the injury, the medical records available and the type of incident that caused the injury. I am experienced at handling all types of back injury cases, from herniated discs and low back injuries to broken backs and other back trauma. A back injury can result from various work accidents such as:

  • Slip and fall at work
  • Accident from heavy lifting or pushing
  • Falling down the stairs at work
  • Car accidents that occur while on the job

In addition to overcoming causation issues involving alleged pre-existing conditions or non-witnessed accidents, I also have the skills to maximize the benefits for your claim. I will fight to obtain all benefits to which you are entitled, including wage reimbursement, medical treatment, permanency benefits and benefits for decreased earning capacity.

Proven Workers' Compensation Attorney

While each claim is different and must be determined on its individual merits, I have achieved many substantial workers' compensation settlements and formal hearing decisions in my decades of advocating for injured workers. I believe that my success is the direct result of the zealous representation that I offer to each client. I provide individualized attention, pay close personal attention to the details of the case and aggressively pursue the matter until my client receives what he or she is fully entitled.

To schedule a free case evaluation with an experienced lawyer in Connecticut, contact me at my Stamford office by calling 866-539-5781 or 203-517-0110. I am also available by email.