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What is the difference between workers' compensation and SSDI?

Most Connecticut residents are aware that the state's workers' compensation program provides certain payments to persons who are injured on the job. They may also know that the federal Social Security Act provides benefits to persons who are disabled. Most people do not, however, understand how the two systems work together or which one covers work-related injuries. This post will provide an overview of the eligibility requirements for workers' compensation benefits under state law and Social Security Disability Insurance benefits under federal law.

Employers increase safety measures to protect older workers

The percentage of older workers in the labor force is increasing every year. This phenomenon may herald an increase in both the number of injuries at work and the seriousness of these injuries. According to persons who study the effects of aging on the workplace, employers are now taking steps to accommodate their older workers in an attempt to protect them from common injuries.

A survey of the worst workplace injuries in Connecticut

Workers in Connecticut face a wide array of potential accidents that can inflict serious injuries. A recent survey of work-related injuries in Connecticut and other northeastern states by the United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration illustrates the variety and seriousness of these accidents.

Injured worker settles third-party liability claim for $425,000

Connecticut workers who suffer workplace injuries are entitled to compensation from their employer without needing to establish the employer's fault. However, the amount of the benefits is limited by state law, and the prescribed workers' compensation benefits frequently fail to provide full compensation. If another party is partially liable for the work-related injuries, the worker can recover those damages (less worker's compensation benefits) in a civil lawsuit. Such claims are often called "third-party claims." In a recent case, the third-party liability claim was settled, resulting in an additional payment of $425,000 to the injured worker.

Injured worker to receive workers' comp payment of $600,000

Workers' compensation claims in Connecticut can often require many months or even years to be finally resolved. As demonstrated by the recent settlement of claims involving three work-related injuries spanning two decades, patience can be rewarding.

Burns can be serious workplace injuries

Anyone who has spent too much time in the summer sun knows how painful a sunburn can be. Each day Connecticut residents accidentally touch hot stoves, splash boiling water on themselves and suffer minor burns through different incidents. However, burns can also be injuries that workers can suffer on the job. This post will address some of the more common ways that employees may suffer burns while completing the tasks of their jobs.

Connecticut nonfatal injury and illness rate higher than nation's

Connecticut workers may be surprised and dismayed to learn that they live in one of the 21 states that have an incidence rate of total recordable cases of nonfatal injuries that was significantly higher than the national rate. With more than 36,000 nonfatal illnesses and injuries at work recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the state in 2015, the incidence rate was of 3.2 cases per 100 equivalent full time workers, compared to a national rate of 3.0.

Which workplaces have the most workplace injuries?

Connecticut residents go to hospitals to get treated for their injuries and illnesses, which is why they might consider it one of the safest places to be in. However, caregivers take their ethical duty to no harm to their patients at a considerable risk to themselves-they often put their own safety in front of their patients and end up injuring themselves in the process.

Connecticut workplace fatalities on the rise

Resources are available to families suffering from the loss of a loved one in a fatal workplace accident. Fatal workplace accidents increased significantly in 2015 in Connecticut, according to a federal study. In Connecticut during 2015, 44 workers died in fatal workplace accidents which were 9 more workers killed in workplace accidents in Connecticut than during the previous year. The national rate for 2015 was 3.4 deaths per every 100,000 full-time workers. Connecticut ranked as 6th among states for its rate of fatal workplace accidents.

What are repetitive stress injuries?

Repetitive stress injuries, or repetitive strain injuries, can be a common workplace injury but you may have wondered what the term refers to. Repetitive stress injuries (RSI) occur in parts of the body that have performed repetitive tasks. Repetitive stress injuries generally impact the muscles, tendons and other soft tissue and can be painful injuries. RSI usually arises while performing work or tasks that require repetitive use of a part of the body.

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